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Research and Development

Our artificial turf systems are the result of years of study at MONDO's research laboratories in collaboration with the Institute for Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV), the Laboratory of Ergonomics and Biomechanics of the University of Pavia and professional European football teams.

MONDOTUFTING - Complete Production

MONDO  produces the complete system, from the fibres that constitute the turf, to the elastic underlayment, up to the granular thermoplastic rubber filler.


In addition to the production of the entire system, MONDO is able to install and maintain the entire system. The quick and easy installation of the Mondoturf systems responds to the needs of the most demanding sports for both men and women and guarantee exceptional durability following the recommended maintenance procedures.


The passage of time and wear can alter the properties of the artificial turf systems. A series of maintenance operations must be performed in order to maintain the initial technical conditions of the pitch.


Monofibre 4NX

Mondo  has developed the new fiber 4NX.

A monofilament with exceptional characteristics both in dry as in wet conditions, characterized by great resistance, elastic return and maximum performance.

Turf Systems by Sport

Equipment for sport facilities

Turf Systems Components

General Information


American Football

American Football requires a playing field that offers an excellent biomechanical response prioritizing player-surface interaction. By following requirements set by the regulations, it is essential to obtain optimum shock absorption that minimizes the risk of injury, particularly impacts to the head, and good vertical deformation or stability. Therefore, sand and rubber granule fillers should be included in the artificial turf. The rubber granule fillers facilitate player traction, while minimizing the risk of injury.
Incorporating an elastic base layer under the turf helps to achieve these conditions, as well as improving the system's durability.
To guarantee sports function, a good artificial turf system will be resistant and highly durable over time due to UV protection. In addition, artificial turf with firm, upright blades will enhance resistance.
Mondo recommends the use of high quality systems incorporating elastic base layers, turf filaments composed of polyethylene to minimize abrasion, with heights between 45 and 60 mm , low density tufts in 5/8" gauges and filled with sand and rubber granules.


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